Aquatic Area

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Enjoy free and direct access to the indoor and outdoor municipal aqua-recreational center during your stay. So you can enjoy the pools regardless of the weather!

The aqua-recreational center includes:

1 small covered pool 10m x 3m, depth 0.60m to 0.80m

1 covered pool 25m x 8m, depth 1.10m to 1.70m

1 paddling pool, depth 0.11 m

1 4-seater jacuzzi, depth 1m

1 6-seater hammam (prohibited for under 18s and medically contraindicated) From mid-June to mid-September.

1 open pool 25m x 10m, depth 1.10m to 1.70m

1 34m water slide with reception pool, depth 1m (prohibited for children under 8).

Aqua Activities:

Advanced swimming school

Aqua Training

Water aerobics



Some activities are paid and prior reservations mandatory.

The aqua-recreation center is open at different times depending on the period.

Aquatic spacewaterslideAquatic spaceAquatic spacewaterslideAquatic spaceAquatic spaceAquatic space

Holiday Period

Monday | 10h:00 - 12h:30/15h:00 - 19h:00

Tuesday | 10h:00 - 12h:30/15h:00 - 20h:00

Wednesday | 10h:00 - 12h:30/15h:00 - 18h:00

Thursday | 10h:00 - 12h:30/15h:00 - 19h:00

Friday | 10h:00 - 12h:30/15h:00 - 19h:00

Saturday | 9h:30 - 12h:30/15h:00 - 18h:00

Sunday | 9h:30 - 12h:30

School period

Monday | 9h:00 - 6h:00

Tuesday | 17h:00 - 20h:00

Wednesday | 10h:00 - 13h:30/15h:00 - 17h:00

Thursday | 17h:00 - 19h:00

Friday | 15h:00 - 19h:00

Saturday | 15h:00 - 18h:00

Sunday | 9h:30 - 12h:30

Hours of operation may change for operational reasons.